Welcome to the Ward Melville High School Fishing Club’s Official Website.

We are a Three Village CSD BOE approved extracurricular club located in East Setauket, cropped-club-photo-2015-20163.jpgNew York.

Getting young people involved in fishing is one of the more powerful and rewarding things that I can personally do as an educator.  What better way impact the life of a person then to teach them and take them fishing. the club has started off small but this year we have easily tripled in size.

Currently we have over 40 active members in the club, ranging from 10th grade thru 12th grade (a few 9th graders are involved as well).  Some members join us for trips, some show periodically and others show on  weekly basis.  We do keep in contact with alumni and incorporate them into appropriate club activities.  As a club, we meet Tuesdays after school.  

It’s such an awesome experience getting to work with so many young people in the pursuit of fishing knowledge, understanding and respecting conservation and to share in a general admiration and love of the outdoors.


2022-2023 Executive Board Members

Presidents – Ilya Kasparowitcz (Jr)

VP – Derek Savicki (Jr)

Treasurer -Joe Nizza (Sr)

Social Media Coordinator – Soph Laurentino (Jr)

Recording Secretary -Andrew Monfilletto (Jr)

Advisor – Robert Wilson (Faculty)


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Times Beacon Record 2/27/13

MSG Varsity (video) 1/8/13

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