Not that we are involved in many different contests but when we are or if we are hosting one, you can find information about it here.




The above link is to the handout given at the Jan 6th Meeting.  It outlines all details you need to know.  here is a quick synapses.

Everyone in the club is asked to participate.  All plug submission are due at the start of our expo day on March 7th 2015.  You can win prizes from 2 different categories.  Winners will be posted here with a photo of their winnings!





The one contest that is continually running is the Berkley High School Challenge contest.  Every month this page will be updated with what we have to complete.

In 2014, we came in 12th place out of 150 schools nation wide.  In 2015, we can do even better.

7 thoughts on “Contests

  1. Hi,

    Congratulations to all. I think they are all beautiful and each will catch fish. Keep up the good work.

    Capt Neil Faulkner


  2. Some Talanted kids I must say. There all winners & the have a great teacher Mr Wilson helping them along. Looking forward to next years show. I should have a table and will be tying some tail hooks,teasers ,flies & bucktails. Please feel free to stop by for a leson.


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